Three Types Of Feedback That Every Leader Must Offer


There are 3 types of feedback that are important for leaders to give to those in their downline and to their direct reports (these kinds of feedback are also important for the leader to receive as well from those they report to - it works both ways).

The 3 types of feedback are:

  • coaching - feedback to help you to improve

  • evaluative - feedback necessary to determine standing

  • praise - feedback to encourage

Each type of feedback looks different in how it is offered. Each type of feedback has a specifically desired impact and purpose for those receiving it. In addition, all types of feedback are important and necessary - your feedback communication strategy must be a balanced diet. If all you give is feedback that is filled with praise yet nothing evaluative is ever said, then you aren't truly helping out your direct report, rather you are hiding from them very important information and are stunting their professional and personal growth.

Also, it is important that the sender and receiver both understand what kind of feedback is being given. If there is a feedback communication misunderstanding it can have deleterious implications. For instance, you may think you are giving coaching feedback - yet if the receiver believes they are receiving evaluative feedback they are going to think "am I going to get fired!?". That kind of miscommunication doesn't help.