How To Get Stuff Done Even When You Don't Feel Like It


A post on the Nectar Collective offers a few suggestions for how creatives can find the inspiration to get work done in situations where time is of the essence but motivation is not, this is simple yet great advice for anyone, especially ministry leaders:

Use the 20-second rule. Want to get stuff done? Make it 20 seconds easier to do. In The Happiness Advantage, author Shawn Achor describes a simple strategy for… doing things even when we don’t feel motivated. Achor says, “Lower the activation energy for habits you want to adopt, and raise it for habits you want to avoid. The more we can lower or even eliminate the activation energy for our desired actions, the more we enhance our ability to jump-start positive change.”

Recognize when you’re at the top of your game. Figure out when you feel and work your best and then do all of the things that take the most brain power during those times.

Create rewards. Tell yourself that once you finish X, you can have/do Y. Another alternative is to reward yourself with something (like a small piece of candy) whenever you knock an item off your to-do list.

Organize. Spend 15 minutes organizing your work area and cleaning up… When your work space is clear, your mind is clear.

How do you find the motivation to start those projects on your schedule every week?