The Wonderful Truth Of God's Love


Just came across this quote from Jerry Bridges and it really drives deep the power of His grace and love for us in Christ. Let the reality and beauty of God’s love and grace for us sink deep.

If God’s love for us is to be a solid foundation stone of devotion, we must realize that His love is entirely of grace – that it rests completely upon the work of Jesus Christ and flows to us through our union with Him. Because of this basis His love can never change, regardless of what we do. In our daily experience, we have all sorts of spiritual ups and downs – sin, failure, discouragement – all of which tend to make us question God’s love. That is because we keep thinking that God’s love is somehow conditional. We are afraid to believe His love is based entirely upon the finished work of Christ for us. Deep down in our souls we must get hold of the wonderful truth that our spiritual failures do not affect God’s love for us one iota – that His love for us does not fluctuate according to our experience. We must be gripped by the truth that we are accepted by God and loved by God for the sole reason that we are united to His beloved Son.
— Jerry Bridges, The Practice of Godliness, p. 28

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

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