3 Necessary Keys To Remembering A Person's Name


What is the dearest word to every individual? Their name of course. Even though we know it is important to remember other people's names, too often we find it our biggest challenge. Yet, we lose credibility when we don’t remember a person’s name. It says to the person (implicitly), that we don’t care enough about them to remember. Remembering people’s names is essential.

Here are three keys to help you remember a person’s name.

Be Motivated - you need to be motivated in wanting to improve remembering people’s name. Remembering people’s names is work. It will take practice. Also, be careful of negative self-talk. If you are always telling yourself that you aren’t good at remembering names - it will be cemented as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Be Present - you must be present in the conversation. Don’t be thinking of what you want to say next while that person is talking. Don’t be looking over their shoulder figuring out who you are going to network next.

Be Intentional - Use their name in your greeting and use their name when you part ways. Visualize a picture associated with their name that will help you remember. If their name is Mike…you may think of a person holding a mic. If their name is Nancy...you may bring to mind your childhood friend Nancy with her bright red hair. Certain tricks like these will help anchor their name in your memory.