The Best 5 Questions To Ask After You've Served


Mission opportunities are life-changing. Yet they not only change the lives of those are served, but they also deeply impact and change the "ones" do the serving. The impact a trip can have can be profound and deep and yet it can be difficult and challenging to distill, to process and to digest.That is why it's so important to take the time upon reentry from a short-term mission opportunity to reflect on the experience. It is important to ask oneself meaningful questions that will put into focus and give clarity to precisely what happened during that time. Asking good questions will not only crystallize the mission experience but will also help cement meaningful change and impact moving beyond the trip into the future.

As I've lead teams on many different mission trips over the years - traveling to many different locations around the world - these big 5 questions can help bring meaningful reflection and application to one's experience.

Ask yourself these questions the next time you go and serve.

1) Where did I experience God on the trip?

2) What did I learn about myself during the trip?

3) What did I expect from this experience, and what surprised me?

4) What is the one thing that God may be inviting me to do next?

5) What practical next step can I put into action that will help that one thing to become a greater reality for me?

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