Speaking, Teaching & Training

Much of my 29+ years of ministry and non-profit organizational experience has involved practicing and exercising the art of communication. Whether in small or large group settings or speaking in front of live audiences or in front of a studio microphone - being able to communicate clearly and effectively is an integral part of ministry leadership.

No matter where God has placed me for His service, my passion and energy is dedicated and focused to helping individuals become maturing followers of Jesus.

In addition, my calling and commitment is to help churches, pastors and ministry & organizational leaders become equipped for innovative and effective ministry & leadership.

Emceeing and speaking at the 2016 CMDA Atlanta Fundraising Banquet

Emceeing and speaking at the 2016 CMDA Atlanta Fundraising Banquet

2019 Speaking Engagements

Remedy Conference (Emcee) - March 2019 - Orlando, FL

CMDA HOR Meeting - May 2019 - Asheville, NC

New Healthcare Missionary Training - August 2019 - Bristol, TN

Remedy Conference - October 2019 - Riverside, CA


Speaking and Training Topics

I've had experience teaching and training on a variety of subjects and topics related to leadership, ministry & technology. Here is a sample:

Ministry Training


  • Fund Development

  • Small Group Ministry Development

  • Visitor/New Believer Assimilation

  • Volunteer Recruitment and Development

  • Communication Strategy

  • Develop Discipleship culture within Church

Leadership Training


  • Leadership Assessment

  • Leadership Training

  • Team Building

  • Creative Thinking and Strategic Planning

  • Develop Vision and Mission Statements

  • Elder and Deacon Training

Technology Training

Community Groups/SmalL Businesses

  • Technology Consulting and Website Design

  • Social Media Use and Strategy

  • Mobile Device and Tablet Training

  • Theology of Technology

  • Technology Best Practices


What People Are Saying

Kathy Drewien, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mt. Zion United Methodist Church.
Curious about Twitter? Toying with the idea of incorporating Facebook in your marketing plan? We were. Bill's presentation on social media was informative, and more importantly, created aha moments which spurred action. In other words, Bill helped us 'get it.'"

Diane Campbell, Team Leader, First Impressions at The Vine Community Church 
“Being at the Vine Community Church for just over a year I have worked directly with Bill in the area of First Impressions....Bill did everything to empower me to become the leader of this ministry as we know it today....I found Bill to be a very creative thinker, great listener, technically savvy, and one who was open to new ideas and ways to implement policies and procedures to bring the greatest results.”

Stuart Williams, Director, Payment Services, Fiserv
“Bill is a gifted communicator, whether by written word or in front of people. Not only can he be persuasive he is also a great at encouraging those around him to reach beyond their current horizons. I would expect any organization that would include Bill would see immediate impact and the potential for the future to be much broader.”

Ray Deck III, Staff Writer, MinistryLIVE
"Bill is an exceptional communicator. His two blogs (Provocative Church & Ministry Best Practices) are representative of his ability in written communication. His ministry skills are broad, but he specializes in small group, discipleship-based ministry. Bill understands the nuances of small group ministry in theory and practice."

Nathan Shattuck, Pastoral Counselor, Spiritual Director and Owner, Soul Care Christian Counseling
“Bill is an excellent pastor in the true sense of the title - someone who passionately and personally leads and shepherds God's flock. He has created a welcoming environment at Big Creek Church, a church where God is moving in significant ways in the lives of the pastors, staff and congregation - something I've learned is far more rare than it should be.”